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Homemade jump rings cutting jig

Hello All,

on the subject of cutting jump rings, I use a simple homemade
cutting jig that works very well.

Anyone can make it out of scrap wood and glue. The rings are cut
with a jewelers saw.

I have a series of six photos that tell the whole story.

I’d be happy to forward the photos to anyone who is interested.

Send me an e-mail with the subject “jump rings”.

I’m not selling anything. It’s just that after reading all the
e-mails a month or so ago I was surprised that nobody suggested the
method I use. Not as fast as the “jump ringer” tools, but works very
well and costs nothing.


Well there has been some interest in the photos I’ve offered. I
think I sent out close to seventy-five sets.

Just to be clear I didn’t invent the jig. I learned it at the
William Holland School from Mr. Preston Kemp.

For those of you who don’t know, the William Holland School is
staffed by volunteer teachers. Preston Kemp is a fine gentleman who
donates time and knowledge teaching chain making.

If you want a wonderful, inexpensive vacation that’ll also be
informative I suggest a trip to the William Holland School.

I had a thought last night about another simple way to make a
cutting jig. Simply tack a 3/16 - 1/4 inch thick strip to the edge
of one’s bench. Let the strip stick up about 1/4 inch. No need for a

To wind the rings I use a set of transfer punches bought from Harbor
Freight. Cheap!

My winder is made from an inexpensive arbor designed for mounting
grind stones or buffing wheels. The arbor is made to be belt run
with an electric motor. Fashion a crank from some flat steel for one
end and screw on a Jacobs chuck to the other end. Mount to a table,
bingo, a winder that works great.

Best wishes,