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Homemade grit wheel

I love to find uses for things that I would otherwise throw away.
Used CD’s. You know the ones that AOL sends you in the mail, the
outdated software that doesn’t work on your upgraded computer, the
ones with the big scratch in them that don’t play any more. All of
those cool, flat disks of hard plastic you have lying around. I
finally found a couple of uses.

I just ordered a GRS power hone to sharpen my gravers ( I love this
tool) and being a budget minded jeweler I did not order the 1200 grit
wheel until I had some experience with the tool and knew I had a need
for another $85 wheel. I quickly found I wished I had a finer grit
than the 600 and even finer than the 1/2 micron diamond spray. I
thought about it as I started some computer work I had tp do. I was
loading a CD to copy some pictures for a gallery and BAM!!!
Insperation, why not just glue the grit sandpaper I need to a CD(the
diameter of which is almost exactly that of the hone wheels) and use
it on top of one of the diamond wheels I have… Got some spray
adhesive and went to work and boy does it work. No more CD’s going to
the trash. Not only does it work on the hone but it also gives you a
nice flat rigid surface to sand on. OK that’s one use so then here I
am about to glue some pearls and looking for something to mix my
epoxy on… DUH!!! the CD makes a great palate with a hole in the
center to hold it by. Great to mix epoxy on, easy to move around and
easy to hold… I just love trash.

Frank Goss

Love your resourceful uses of “trash”. Bring them on!

you can also coat a cd with diamond paste, put it onto a faceting
machine, and use it as a lap

Mark Zirinsky

Hi Frank,

Thank you for sharing this little but very useful tip. It sure
solved a huge amount of trouble. It never came in to my mind that I
could use CD’s to glue sand paper on and use it on my power hone. I
went through a lot of trouble and made 1/2 inch wooden disks for
that purpose. Now it’s much easier.

Thank you again. ekrem.