Homemade forges

I must confess ignorance to the recent posts about the forge video,
but wanted to chime in with a link to a person named Ron Reil. A
fascinating human being, but more importantly, a very knowledgeable
and well written pieces on forges, and construction features and
links to such. It is worth a visit to read about him as an
individual, but there is a wealth of and inspiration
regarding anvils, casting, and metal working etc. For the beginner…
ah, an insight into a life long journey. Hope this helps:
Site Map Specifically, check out the
“Blacksmithing and metal working” pages. If the site post doesn’t
“clear”, e-mail me off-line and I’ll send you a link. No connection
or reward for this, other than as he states in “Who I am”… wanting
to pass along