Homemade draw table


I’m new to this list and wanted to share something I made in my
shop. I’m a jeweler-to-the-trade and make most of my sizing stock,
wire, sheet, etc. I’m getting on in years and pulling wire by hand is
a chore; Larger sizes are impossible.

The obvious solution is a draw bench but I simply didn’t have room
for one (nor a desire to shell out the $$ for one.) So I made one

The largest wire I’ve draw thus far is a 6mm round 14k white, 4 ft.
piece. It took almost no effort at all to do.

I’d love to post photos of my draw table and hopefully someone will
give me a heads up on how/where to do that on the Ganoksin website.

[] How can I share files and pictures with the list?

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Someone was kind enough to [sorta] explain to me how to post
pictures. But the devil is in the details and it was simply all too
much for me so I decided to post them to a website instead.



Kenneth Singh, of Karat 46 Jewelry Supply, has a very nice 48 in.
draw machine that I have installed in my studio. It is very easy to
work, grips any size wire well, and I think it was only $200. A real
bargain. I made my own for less than that, but Kenneth’s is more
robust, and better designed. You can buy chain-drive models that are
pretty expensive, but I find Kenneth’s machine easier to use, and at
a price you just can’t beat. You just have to supply your own

Jay Whaley

I bought the Drawbench Kit from 46 Jewelry Supply for around $100. I
bolted it down to a table and it works great!