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Home torches and clamp on bench vises


Does anyone have any advice on Home type torches - ie: creme brulee
type that works and also a Clamp on Bench vise that is strong and a
decent price.

Thanks so much.

Not sure how to answer as question is so open to interpretation.
Torches work, it just depends on the size, thickness and material(s)
you want to join, how long and hot it should burn, how easy it is to
handle and how safe when returned back to the workbench. My Blazer is
fine for simple 2" or less 22 gauge sterling and fine silver, but
there are times when I need something hotter.

As for clamp on bench vises - what are you clamping them to and how
much stress will you subject them to? Will you be hammering at them
or just using them to rest against while filing, etc. If you’re not
doing much with it there’s a screw on type often used in classes as
it’s easy to transport and set up.

Mary Partlan
White Branch Designs