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Home Shop International

Please could anyone who has had any dealings with Home Shop
International, get in touch with us. We have been contacted by a
salesperson but know nothing about it or the ramifications of
getting involved. The blurb says there are 35 on-line shopping
sites. We would appreciate any feed-back, thank you Christine and Wes

Wesley, Yes, I’ve had “dealings” with Home Shop International. Their
way of operating is to contact you with an annoying tag line like
"2nd try at contacting you" that makes you think you missed an
inquiry from a customer. Once they get you read the email, they try
to suck you in to their premise that they are like “Home Shopping
Network” or “QVC” and that for a “small fee” they will make you a
star. After doing some research and looking at their current crop of
offerings, I decided to steer well clear of them. I believe that
even if it’s not a scam (and I’m not sure of that), it definitely is
a money pit with little possibility of return on the investment.

I’d love to hear what others might have experienced with them or
have to say on the topic.

Karen Goeller

Hand-Crafted Artisan Jewelry
Fine Designer Jewelry

I’d like to hear feedback as well. I have been contacted too. My
first sense was that this wasn’t something that would be a good
investment but I don’t know anything more detailed. Would love to
hear from others.

  • Dee Dee