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Home made rolling mill

Has anyone made a home made rolling mill?Has anyone any drawings
for same,that they would be willing to share?Regards,

Bill Beke -ph/0357 861 861 482
Foggy Mountain Forge
P.O.Box 9, Kinglake 3763
Victoria, Australia

G’day, mate,

I have blueprints (I’m pretty sure) for a rolling mill that is
designed to make cylindrical shapes from sheet metal. It was
designed for small engineering work and is therefore ideal for
jewellery applications and, I’m sure, can be modified to become a
rolling mill. If you can make this thing, you will also be able
to modify its rollers to work wire and so on. I also have a small
machine shop, so one day I expect – if need compels – to do
exactly this. E-mail me off line if you wish and I’ll get back
to you with more details. I got the blueprints years ago from an
engineering supply house in England.

Jeff Booth
Oakville, Ontario

    Has anyone made a home made rolling mill?Has anyone any
drawings for same,that they would be willing to share?  

I really can’t see that any home-made rolling mill would be a
lot of use, unless the highly skilled maker had access to a
first-class metal workshop with many machine tools. Next time
you see a jeweller’s mill, have a good look at it and you will
see that it has to be precision made and necessarily of fairly
heavy construction. For instance the rollers must be of solid
steel not less than 2" diameter, and have precision ground and
polished surfaces. Gear wheels and bearings must be strong yet
reasonably accurate. And so on. I am known as an inveterant
’make-it-yourselfer ’ and believe me, if I thought I could make
something useful to make strip and heavy wire from cast rod
using odds and ends I would have done so many years ago. I have
been lucky enough to be able to use the mill of a very good
jeweller friend. So having written this, perhaps someone will
now come up with a home-made job - but I am not holding my
breath! Cheers,

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 /  /__| \      @John_Burgess2

At sunny Nelson NZ

Hi There . I may be of some help. I am a journeyman Millwright
(make that also read "outside machinist of 25 + yr… experience.
I have a good deal of experience with the KISS principle .
(keeping it strictly simple) If I might have access to some of
this flow , I believe that I may offer using more
easily obtainable materials and parts. Robert L. Powell

There is a plan for a self built rolling mill in the book: The
Giant Book of Metalworking Projects

ISBN 0-8306-0357-3 
ISBN 0-8306-1357-9 paperback

Published in 1983 by Tab books now out of print

This is a short piece with parts drawings on a very sturdy
simple mill with 3" wide rolls 3 7/8" Diameter.

This book is a collection of shop projects from an industrial
arts educational magazine for shop teachers I believe.

The Mill looks buildable, but I believe that It would cost more
not counting labor than one of the currently advertised cheap
ones in lapidary journal. My Mexican mill cost only about $120 but
I haven’t seen these in the states.

If reworking flat rolls I would advise that you get in touch
with a shop that does hard chrome resurfacing of industrial pump
shafts and compressor rods. This type shop can do perfect work
and the cost may be reasonable. My industrial experience was good
and the prices on much larger work was very reasonable. Jesse