Home business - mailing address

For almost 20 years, I’ve had a PO Box address that I’ve used for my
business cards, website and anything that was going to be public
knowledge. It’s also handy, when you move, and you don’t have to
change a business address.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that most house insurance only
cover the house, but not the studio, or basement. I participated in
an Open Doors event that was a weekend event statewise. After it was
over, I gotan email from my insurance agent saying I almost lost my
policy. Just having my studio open to the public will void your
homeowner’s policy. After that, I can never open my studio to the
public. It was a wake up call.

Therefore, I keep two separate policies on one building - homeowners
insurance for the residential part and a general liability insurance
policyfor the metals studio. When you do trade shows and craft
fairs, they also require that you carry general liability insurance.
God forbid yourbooth collapse on a customer. I once had a chair
collapse on me at a craft show, so I had to pay off the glass artist
that I damaged several of his vases when I fell. I still have them.

There’s just too much crime out there, too many lawsuit-happy
people, and with torches, too much fire risk. Therefore, keep your
actual studio private and use a PO Box, and make sure you have
sufficient insurance tocover the building, top to bottom. CYA and
cross the T’s and dot the I’s.