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Hello all,

I’m relatively new to jewellery (a few years) and finally starting
to try getting in to shows and online sales instead of selling
exclusively by word of mouth and galleries. I have looked through the
archives a bit, but the last thing I found on this subject was from
early 2006, so if I missed the answer I apologize.

I am wondering what other people who have their studio in their
homes prefer to do for a mailing address? I am concerned that having
my mailing address as a PO box would discourage potential clients
from trusting me as a business. That said, I also don’t want everyone
and their dog to know where I live with all my tools and materials.
To compound the problem my day-job involves working at a prison. So
publishing my home address widely seems like a bad idea.

So in summary: what do you all recommend I use as a mailing address?
Does a PO box discourage clients because you don’t have a 'real’
address, and seem suspicious? Should I look for somewhere that I can
get a ‘mailbox’ address that is not just a PO box?

In case it affects anyone’s response, I live in Saskatoon,
Saskatchewan, Canada. A city with a population of around 250,000 (if
you include the nearby towns, which the city seems to think it

Thank you in advance for any opinions/advice,

Mark Wells

Hi Mark-

I have a remarkably similar set of circumstances, but have been in
business for about 20 years. I have an LLC. I have within the
pastfew years gotten a PO box due to a concern about a local
customer finding out where I live. Nothing ever came from the
situation, but it was enough to take a step back and evaluate the
prudence of using my physical address vs a PO Box. I have been
happily using a PO box and have not noticed any concern from
customers, nor any decrease in business.

I, too, work in a regular job where having my real name and address
out there would be problematic for similar reasons. Go for the PO
Box and don’t give it another thought. If you lose any business
because of it, the safety of you and your family is priceless.

All my best to you, and have fun! Cheers- J


this is a great question and I would be interested to know what
recommendations would be for US businesses in a similar situation.

Create beauty wherever you are!

Donna Williams’ Jewelry

Mark -

I have had a jewelry business based in my home for about 10 years.
At first I did not plan on being so busy so it was just my own name
andmy own address. After about five years I began to think ‘this is
really dangerous and stupid.’ I renamed my business (this took a
while to get converted in my good customers minds…) so it did
not include my own name. I got a PO Box. I ship world wide probably
a dozen packages a day, average. That PO Box goes out to a lot of
strangers. I can still easily be found but it is not so in your face
with my name and address on every thing. It has not harmed my
business at all. I think it’s better actually. With the business
name on it people sometimes call at all hours of the day and night
thinking they are calling a ‘company’ and with that I have just
silenced my phonefrom late at night to early morning. I still have
insurance and a big TL15bank vault. The vault really gave me piece
of mind when I leave to run errands or even leave town for a few
days. I realize I could be ‘robbed’ in personbut I know there is
less chance of that. The vault was a big investment but it was worth
it. I can’t imagine someone getting in that thing. My entirefamily
also participates in concealed carry. Hate to even think about
something like that needing to be put in action but we are trained
and practicefor our own enjoyment. Anyway, yes, I would get a PO
Box. I would name your business without your name in it.

Hope this helps and good luck! :slight_smile: joy kruse

We use a box at the local UPS Store. It is a street address but we
are supposed to use PMB 142 at the end of the address.

I had no problem giving out my address to customers but after a
couple of packages were cut open and resealed before they were
delivered, I asked thatthe address show "Livingston Accounting inc"
for packages just in case things were left on my doorstep. No
problem after that.

Gerald Livings

I use both my home address and PO box for receiving work. Some of my
customers ONLY deal with the USPS. I ask that they use only my name
and not the name of my business (Herman Silver Restoration &
Conservation). Many businesses have PO boxes for security purposes. I
have a central alarm system and motion sensors outside my house. In
almost 30 years knocking wood my workshop has not been broken into.
If you’re worried that potential customers won’t think you’re
legitimate, get yourself listed with the Jewelers Board of Trade. A
Web site also helps as well as references.

Jeff Herman

Dear Mark

On most of my accounts my billing address is my PO. With a second
address. Most suppliers are content with the po and my shipping is
only used for ups or Fedex. Be safe on mthe job, blessings Pat

I’ve always used a “post box service” or “private post box” and
typically you can use a suite number instead of a box number. In
addition, it’s a commercial address, they hold packages for you, and
I find it well worth the cost. No more boxes on the front steps -
that’s worth it right there!

So your business address can look like this:

Bright Star Metalworx
12345 Galaxy Avenue
Suite 204
Timbuktu, CA 99999

Add your business cell phone number to your correspondence and
business cards, and you are all set. Nobody is the wiser. Note some
cities will require you to register your business license at your
actual address, which makes it public if people look for
it, but much less exposure than having your shipping and
correspondence go there.

Bob Edwards
Chromis Designs
San Francisco

Hello Mark,

I do not show my address on promotional and the phone
number is for a cell phone. However, most of my business is local. I
think the PO Box would be a good way for you to go with the idea of
future possible expansion/

Good luck and love the photo of your cat, Judy in Kansas, where temps
have been congenial recently. Hoping for another few weeks before
freezing weather hits.

I’m in agreement with you. Even when I was married we had a p. o.
box & unlisted phone number, which we did give out. However with the
internet, pretty much nothing is private any more. Sharon Perdasofpy

Mark, For decades I have only used a PO Box on business cards, ads,
exhibitor lists etc. I have never had it questioned. It was also an
important issue for my insurance company that my studio address is
not public. I recommend that course.

Marianne Hunter


many businesses use PO Boxes for delivery. I do. “Special” packages
are couriered direct to my lawyer’s office.