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Holyday resting?


As we are entering the Passover holydays, we, re supposed to be
resting from work and eating our funtastic. Matzah.

Well I’m going to be attempting to put together another brochure of
my casino-related jewellery. As some of these were cad-designed over
3 years ago. I now have 5 anxious and aggressive salespersons & I
don,t want them to be only selling ultra-expensive items. I now have
a much cheaper line.

Moral of this posting is. don’t get mired into one level of
clientelle. there are are otherfolks to cater to! In a few weeks I’m
going to have my 3rd operation in 3 years. So this brochure creating
will keep me busy during my 8-12 weeks of recovery. yuk!!!

Can’t imagine being off from driving a car for that period of time.
more yuk!!! I call this “maintenance surgery”.Things happen, right? I
told Hannuman last night, I’m going to resume writing on
my…“Gerry’s Blog” as well. No time to really rest, just keepng the
brain and mind active! Thank you Orchidians for being there. G-d speed
to all & enjoy the Passover holydays. Gerry Lewy!


Happy Passover, Gerry! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Donna W
Huntsville, AL


Hello Gerry,

May your Passover celebration be heart-warming, Judy in Kansas, who
found flower buds on the miniature cherry tree. Yea!!!