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Hello all, I heard there was a holloware contest somewhere, and I
can’t figure out who is sponsoring it. Does anyone know?


   Hello all, I heard there was a holloware contest somewhere, and
I can't figure out who is sponsoring it.  Does anyone know? Claire 

Claire, Rio Grande’s Saul Bell Award includes a holloware category
this year. Perhaps that is the contest you heard about. However, I
think the deadline is September 23, so it is coming up fast. You
can fine more info at Good luck!

Andrea L. McLester

In 2001, Metalsmith magazine published their annual Exhibition In
Print curated by guest curators John Cogswell and Lisa Gralnik on the
subject of contemporary holloware. The curators do publisize their
project so perhaps, you saw an advertisement or announcement that
this was happeneing. In 2001, Cogswell and Gralnik invited specific
holloware artists to submit slides for inclusion as well as inviting
other artists working in this format to submit slides. For a copy of
this issue of metalsmith contact the SNAG/Metalsmith Business Office
at: (630)579-3272, Central Time or by writing: 710 east Ogden
Avenue, Suite 600, Naperville, Illinois, 60563-8603.

Every other year this special issue (which publishes in the fall) of
Metalsmith magazine, the Exhibition In Print, is curated and in the
alternating years it is juried by prominent and diverse
practicioners from the field. On newstands now is the juried 2002
Exhibition In Print, a survey of the field. I have been told that
people think this is one of the best Exhibition In Prints.

For full coverage of Metalsmith opportunities and metalsmithing &
jewelry exhibitions see the Society of North American Goldmsith’s
newsletter.For example, opening in January of 2003 is a national,
traveling exhibition, The Art Of Gold. SNAG/Metalsmith’s website is: You can also reach SNAG & Metalsmith by
contacting the address above or the Executive Director, Dana Singer
at (406) 728- 5248. You may contact me as well at @Baum_Jan.

Hope this helps.
Jan Baum
Society of North American Goldsmiths, Board of Directors
Editorial Advisory Committee, Metalsmith magazine

Dear Claire, You’re probably talking about Rio Grande’s Saul Bell
Award. They replaced their Swarovski category with a Holloware
category for the next contest. If you don’t know about that
contest, it’s kind of unique. They have the usual platinum and gold
and silver categories, but they also have a PMC and a bead category.
They have a website describing it in more detail.