Holiday Packaging

Hi…I’m a little stuck

I am trying to figure an inexpensive but effective way to package
for the holiday.

I’m thinking of a simple box with a foam or cardboard insert (so
that earrings, necklaces, and bracelets can be fastened down in the
box) with my logo hotstamped on the top. It’s the stamp that is
bothering me though. Do people usually put their logo only on the
tops of boxes? How do I let the final customer (the person who gets
the jewelry as a gift) know what my website and contact info is…in
a tasteful manner? Is it tacky to put the web address on the hotstamp
as well? If I put a business card inside the box itself, the buyer
may take it out before giving the gift.

Also, is there a certain percentage that should be allowed for
packaging? For example, for an item that retails for 95 dollars,
would 2 dollars spent on packaging be considered reasonable?

Thanks for any help
Kim Starbard

Dear Kim

Firstly the $2 for packaging should definatley be included in your
selling price. As for where to position your logo and web details I
suggest that you do a hot stamp with your logo and web details and
apply it on either the inner side of the lid of the box or behind the
box. This makes it look neat and non obtrusive to the buyer should
this piece be given as a gift, your advertising is done and they dont
feel too imposed by your branding.

Take care

India/South African

Hi Kim

Top: hotstamped logo. Is the logo “graphic”? or textbased? If graphic
it might look messy if you add a web address in the vicinity unless
you can integrate it aesthetically with the logo as is possible with
a text, ie, an often used method although I feel it looks
a little cheap.

Insert: If you have an insert, maybe that is the best place to put it
since it will not be removed. Depending on how you buy/fabricate the
insert it might be possible to print a larger sheet which is then cut
down and delivered to you. Or if you do the hotstamping yourself (we
do sometimes) it is just another stamp.

Leaflet: Maybe some text about the materials used, how to care for
the item (cleansing, storage), what else can be purchased, something
about you as an artist, the list goes on… and HOW to reach you.

It is all a matter of marketing and which image you want to impress
but try to make a choice that works for all situations in order to
maximize impact on your future buyer group. A leaflet works well
because the recipient feels there is some added value. And if you
make up an assortment to cover 95% of your production and print on
some well chosen paper it will make your packaging simple yet the
result exclusive.


I have been ordering from Jewelbox Display & Supply Company
( for wrapping paper and they have excellent prices
on boxes, etc. I’ve really researched- I had nice labels made up
elsewhere and put my web address on them and it looked fine. Hot
Stamping is so expensive, and my label is on the bag or the box and
looks very professional. They are oval in silver with black writing.
Nice looking on black boxes and bags.

Good luck
Stephanie Swanson

I am trying to figure an inexpensive but effective way to package
for the holiday. 

Kim, I had stickers made with my name and contact info on them. In
my case, one roll is on paper that matches my box tops, and one is on
clear plastic, which would work well to stick on the inside of the
box lid. I also use the clear ones for plastic bags. When a retail
show customer does not want a gift box, they get their jewelry
wrapped in some tissue, put inside a baggie with all my info on it.
Then they usually do not want/need a business card from me.

M’lou Brubaker
Minnesota, USA

In this age of I think it is fine to have it hot
stamped on your box. I also put it on the back of my jewelry cards. I
emboss my boxes with silver embossing powder and attach a green small
flat backed swarovski crystal (I barter my friends to help me - those
that are detail oriented) My logo is a cat winking. I personally
really like my packaging and everyone who has gotten it has

So you hot stamp away.

LL Fowler Designs
Fort Collins, CO 80526

personally i think its tres tacky to put a web address on a
packaging solution unless you sell exclusively on line ( see anne
choi’s ads)…You want to have your logo noticed, and hopefully
retained in a gift recipients mind…you aren’t trying to drum up
business, no? second absolutely don’t insert a business card, an
anti-tarnish pouch if it’s a purchase over x amount perhaps, or an
anti-tarnish strip (3M creative arts division) if it’s under say
100.00, but a business card is perhaps more tacky…Remember you want
to establish recognition of product not, your contact .so
design your logo with that in mind.

as for the boxes you describe, there are hundreds of packaging
solutions that match your description- riogrande being a reseller of
other people’s wares, is a good example of the range of choices out
there…so do a search fetpack, global, rohrer,berlin
packaging,oriental trading co…to name a very few have plain boxes
and most can customize…then there are the hundreds of jewelry
supply co.'s that also resell packaging…If you plan on getting a
large assortment of custom packaging, some traditional styles ( like
the hinged velvet ring box for instance) have a satin liner that can
be screen printed, corrugated plastic ( though apropos for T.Mann’s
techno style-not for Zaffiro type pieces) can also be printed on.
Some tasteful and informative options are, for example:

Kim Starbard or KStarbard

Handmade Jewelry
Gallery Sophia
Ventura Sonoma Paris

In other words give the recipient your name/brand or logo and where
it can be seen, purchased or keyworded…on the inside of the package,
or liner if you opt for one/that style…the outside, in my opinion,
looks richer if it just displays your logo or brand mark. If you need
more help, critical as i tend to be, please feel free to contact me
off orchid…I don’t charge much for free advice!.R

Hi Kim,

I’m not sure how professional this is going to look, but here’s my
plan: I will have address labels made with my business name and my
web addy. I’m going to use them on the tops of my boxes and on the
fronts of earring cards.

It’s a lot less than a hotstamp and if I decide I don’t like it or
it’s just not professional for whatever venue I’m set up at, I can
use them on receipts or whatever.


Put your logo and contact on a card that also has “How
to care for this piece of jewelry” That way the card
actually goes along with the jewelry. I have found that the great
thing about giving handmade gifts is the about the
artist or piece…proof that you did not just pick up at a
department store.

Casey Bowman

Hi everyone

Thanks so much for the tips on packaging. Stamp/sticker the contact
info on the inside of the box…awesome, how come I didn’t think of
that? Sometimes, I hit these little roadblocks. They seem to be such
little points, but they completely stop me in my tracks. I think it’s
an odd form of stage fright, seeing as how the holiday season is
right around the corner.

Thanks again
Kim Starbard

Related to this topic are shipping boxes. We buy professional
looking self adhesive white boxes in all sizes through Mason Box
Company. We may add the sticker logo as the return address or emboss
the box ourselves. The post office will often make nice comments
about the boxes.

The box company website is:


Ed Cleveland