Holes in a stainless steel wedding band

A customer has brought in a 6mm comfort fit stainless steel wedding
band that is about one year old, purchased from a very small
independent in a tourist trap far, far away from NC. It has three
holes inside, evenly spaced, about 3mm in diameter by 1mm deep, that
seem to have been plugged or filled with iron or other ferrous metal
and then plated over. It looks like they may have been used for an
inside lathe chuck or something. The plating has started to bubble
up, similar to a rusting chrome bumper (for those old enough to
remember when cars had chrome bumpers) and there is rust starting to
form under the plugs. The sentimental value of this band far exceeds
it’s monetary value and replacement is out of the question.

Any idea what the purpose of the holes may be and/or what the plugs
might be made of?

Can I grind the plugs out and fill the holes with stainless using
the laser? I’ve seen stainless laser wire but I’ve not tried
lasering stainless. Any suggestions for laser settings for a
LaserStar 7000 series?

Thanks, and as others have pointed out, Orchid Rocks!


Hi Dave,

Why not suggest drilling the holes right through and flush setting 3
diamonds in the ring? No more rusting ferrous metal plugs and you
sell the customer three diamonds into the bargain? :wink:



Perhaps the plugs were supposed to be magnets and the ring was sold
as a ‘therapy ring’??

Best wishes,
Ian W. Wright
Sheffield UK

Thank you, Ian. Sure enough, those are magnets. The customer says he
didn’t know anything about them, but has decided that they are going
to stay right where they are. So far the magnetic field seems to be
working just fine at keeping the attraction alive in his marriage.