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Hole punching pliers

Does anyone know of a wholesale source for a plier that will punch
clean holes in 24 gauge Sterling Sheet? I have tried Miland and love
their product and service but need a better wholesale price so
I can resell it to my students. thanks…Lisa

Hi Lisa, I think what you want is called a Whitney Punch. shows what the set looks

I don’t know if you can get it cheaper some place else. I got mine
for $10 at a pawn shop.

Dexter, Oregon


I don't know if you can get it cheaper some place else.

Generally places like Harbor Freight (in the US) have this type of
punch set for around $20.

Dave sells the Roper Whitney Jr. #5 hand punch
for about $48. Its on page 621 of their online catalog. It comes
with a number of punches. Additional sizes are available for around
$8 each.


I’ve been using a set of punches for years. These punches were
designed for punching through paper (tickets, etc.), but they work
beautifully for punching metal sheet. They operate using a small
punch and die set mounted in a pliers-type handle. Each set can be
mounted in a single pair of the ‘pliers’/handles, but I’ve preferred
to buy several handles and keep each size set mounted all the time.
That way they are ready when I need them and I don’t have to go
through the process of changing them. The name of this wonder tool:
“The Samson All-Purpose Punch”. Last time I ordered the handle plus
one punch/die set cost $54.95 plus shipping. There are seven
different size round hole punch/die set and the tool specs indicate
the punches can cut holes through up to 1/32inch of any untempered
metal. The punch can be ordered from:

Multi-Counter Manufacturing Company, Inc,
Stroud Rd,
PO Box 205,
North Branford, CT,  06471, USA;
Phone: 203.457.0557 or 800.345.5689;
Fax: 203.457.0329

I’ve not ordered from them in quite awhile (I’ve been using my
punches for about 15 years), but I assume the contact is
still the same (I hope).

Hope this helps,
Linda Kaye-Moses