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Hoch torch


Does anyone know anything about a Hoch torch?


Does anyone know anything about a Hoch torch?

If you are referring to the “Hoke” Torch, see my thread to Orchid posted in
February, 1998 in the archives. Basically, the Hoke-Jewel Torch is a very
common torch used in the American Jewelry industry. It can be obtained
from Grobet File Company (GFC) or major supplier like; Gesswein or
Swest (but not, curiously, from Rio Grande). It is available in almost any fuel gas
configuration; oxy-acetylene,oxy/natural gas, oxy/propane, etc…
There is an adapter set of “Fluer” type needle tips available for
micro-fine flames for this torch. The natural gas version of this torch (and the
propane version, I think too) comes with three “rosebud” type tips to make
an extremely hot, oxidizing flame that is probably the best platinum
welding torch that I have ever worked with. Nothing else works quite as
well for this type of work. In short, it is an extremely versatile
torch for the money.

I must, however, be frank about its’ short comings as well. These torches
are not made to very tight manufacturing tolerances- they are notoriously
inconsistent in the way the gas valves work. Each individual torch requires
personal experience to operate effectively. The torch is not made with
integral standard hose fittings (found on most other torches) nor
does it have any built-in “check” valves (to allow the gases to flow in
one direction only). It has instead, hose-barbs that one slips the
welding hose over and clamps with a hose clamp- not the safest design
ever devised.

I personally prefer this torch, though, over all the others I’ve used
(and I’ve used just about all of them too!). With prudent attention to the hose
attachment ,I.e., hose jammed up as far as it can go on the barb and adequately
secured with a stainless hose clamp, it can be as safe as any other to use. The
versatility of this torch can’t be beat! I’ve even rigged check valves into the
hoses just below the torch to make it even safer. If I didn’t do as much
platinum-smithing as I do now, I’d probably use my “Little Torch” exclusively.
It is much lighter and the valves are made to better tolerances.
One would find it less fatiguing to use all day.

If , however, there really is a “Hoch” torch (I’ve never heard of it) we are talking
about, then …Nevermind!

Hope this helps, Eben Lenz