History of Sandblasting in Jewelry

I’m a jeweler and college jewelry teacher who’s been hired to do a
little bit or research regarding jewelry history. One question I
haven’t been able to find the answer to is when sandblasting first
got started to be used as a metal finishing technique in jewelry

Does anybody know the answer to that question?

Are there any retired or close to retired jewelers or jewelry
teachers who can remember when they first started utilizing
sandblasting as a design element?

Any assistance from anyone who knows the answer to this question
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,
Jeff Georgantes

Hey Jeff,

I looked through some old jewelry tool catalogs that I have, and

found something of interest. I have a catalog from the Benj. Allen
Co., of Chicago , No. A22. It does not have a publication date, but
it clearly pre-dates the use of electricity. 800 pages…very
comprehensive. On pg. 196, there is a listing for “The Lightning Sand
Blast for Jewelers, Watchmakers, Silversmiths, etc.” It uses a foot
bellows to produce compressed air. The cabinet holds sand in a funnel
at the top, and blasts straight down. It has a patent date of Oct. 3,
1906. Price, without the foot blower,…$10.00

If you like, I can copy this page and send it to you.  I also have

a Dixon catalog from 1926, showing an expanded and improved selection
of large and small cabinets. These are automatic feed cabinets,
almost like you would find today, and seem to be in common use.

Let me know if I can be of assistance,

Doug Zaruba

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