History of jewelry casting

Are there any documentary style films, or publications on the history
of jewelry casting ? Perhaps the the evolution of jewelry casting or
something that would be suitable for doing a time line presentation.
I need something that will shed some light on the early techniques
and development. I’m doing a class and want to share the history with
the students.

Thank you

Don’t know of a specific video on the history of jewellery casting
(but seriously would be interested).

I think a similar question has been asked in the past, more sort of
a brief overview.

The modern evolution of jewellery casting or an ancient history

Regards Charles A.

The worshipful CO. of Goldsmith’s in the UK has one of the most
complete and well stocked libraries on jewellery with rare books
from the period of the dawn of Guttenberg’s press, and before (as
manuscripts) as well as collections from individual’s personal
papers (bequests) and academic papers. It is in the UK though, so if
you aren’t there contact the library and ask one of the friendly
librarians to recommend a few titles of importance or perhaps
provide you a bibliography. on the topic area, narrowed down as far
as you can, as a starting point - like a history of direct casting as
an example of a narrowed down topic area. If you did want to go ther
to use their library you can apply for an invitation to schedule a
specific range of dates. rer

Here’s an historical tidbit (apologies to Benjamin): material
printed during the first fifty years of printing with moveable type,
i. e., from Gutenberg’s press in 1450 to 1500, are call
incunabulathat’s Latin for "in the cradle"printing, at that time,
being in its infancy.

An individual piece is an incunabulum.


Are there any documentary style films, or publications on the
history of jewelry casting ? 

I don’t think so, but it’s covered in bits and pieces in
documentaries about other things, you might have to watch a lot of
documentaries to find the short bits you want.