History of engagement rings

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I’m trying to do some research on engagment rings - specifically
looking for the following info:

When and where was the first engagement ring given.

Why the ring is worn on the left hand ring finger, and if this is
the case for all countries. And also when this trend first started.

I’m looking for loads of general too regarding the
trends in different countries - so if anyone could point me in the
right direction in terms of recommended reading, it would be much

Thank you so much!!!


Maxilian of Austria, son of Emperor Frederick III is said to have
started the tradition of the engagement ring by giving a ring set
with a diamond to Mary of Burgundy, daughter of Charles the Bold in
1477. Wearing a ring on the third finger of the left hand as a
symbol of marriage dates back to the early Roman period. It was
believed that a vein in this finger ran directly to the heart.

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do some research on engagment rings - 

That’s easy, Lucy. George Frederick Kunz (who was minerologist and
vice president of Tiffany, for whom Kunzite is named- rather, HE
named it Kunzite…) wrote the definitive book for it’s day.
Rings for the Finger” one edition is

It’s also here: Rings for the Finger - George Frederick Kunz - Farlang

and here: Well, it’s on Google books, too, but the url was huge, and
I don’t know how to do “tiny Url”. But it’s there… Can’t have
our first edition, though…

Amazon has it…