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Hinge book

Charles, I picked up a copy of your hinge book at
Metaliferrous in New York last week. I never considered buying
this book before because I’ve made so many hinges. But two things
made me buy it. First it is a fantastic book for which I have to
compliment and thank you. The second reason for the purchase is
that it was a signed copy. I loved that because I collect signed

Now the reason for this note…Since the copy I bought was
the only signed copy in the stack I have to ask if you signed
it…or was it done by some jokester in the store. Sol K.

Hi Sol, Yes I signed it, (though I must admit most half trained
chimpanzees could probably forge my signature). I’m glad you like
it. As a team we gave ourselves an ‘A’ on the project, better
than any other effort…


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