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Designed a lovely pair of earrings and a ‘to die for’ drop
necklace from some old plutonium scrap, gives a lovely blue glow in
low light, quite romantic…

Seriously folks,… I see a lot of wonderful innovation with
chemical processes, stains, and metals, to produce artwork… I
also see a discomforting number of questions from assorted artist,
‘After the Fact’, about potential health risk from the materials
they are working. Being a non-jeweler, it seems the best time to
ask questions regarding a potential health risk is before starting
a project with an unknown material. I see the chemicals talked
about here, and many can result in serious consequences in their
misapplication or handling. Being uninformed can be hazardous.

An ounce of prevention (or a timely safety investigation), is
worth a pound of cure… Please, create safely and do your safety
homework before undertaking a new process or material …we need
all of you healthy and creative.