Higher quality CZ

Hi all, I have had a need for a better CZ. On a recent job the
customer wanted a 9x6 radiant CZ set into a mounting, I told them
that anything but rounds are noticably fake to the untrained eye.
They said proceed anyway, I did. They returned the job wanting a
"better" CZ. The only simulated diamond I know of that looks
fairly genuine is from Lyannite. The 9x6 radiant was about
$80.00 with shipping rather than $7.00 for the CZ, but it really
looks good. Customer now is happy, but seems pricey to me.

Anyone know of a better quality, but still pretty cheap CZ
supplier? Perhaps a company that is cutting them more carfully?

Mark P.


I think the “cheap” look comes from the dispersion, lots of
colored rainbows, like a coated rhinestone. The CZ is all about
the same chemical makeup and therefore should all look about the
same. I think the better looking CZ comes from cutting it at
angles which are less friendly to optical performance — exactly
the oposite of what you are trying to do with most stones. I
think lower crown angles are responsible for this, but I don’t
know how youare going to find out who has it without just going
to a show and seeing it.

Maybe your customers would be happier with white sapphire or
white topaz?

hi mark, renswest, 800.447.7448. they have nicely (american) cut
synthetics of various types. i would advise you not to call the
n.y. counterpart.

best regards,

geo fox