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High speed spindle

A 10 degree cutter with a perfect point, and a perfect point having a
zero measureable value has no bearing what so ever on spindle speed.
Why?, because a point has no rotational value. Therefore at 500 RPM
or 20,000 RPM the same effect is applied to the tip and that is
without a rotational value, it is therefore being “dragged” through
the material and has no cutting effect on the part. The cutting edge
starts as you move away from the tip and up the tool. However as you
move up the tool and lets say you move up the tool by.25 mm, the tool
diameter is still only 0.0437mm / 0.00172", therefore, what kind of
chip load would you have at this diameter?. With barely a cutting
edge, and an edge that has no chip clearing capacity, it is in
reality an extremelly inaffective way to remove material. Add no
cutting capacity but merely dragging and rubbing on the part, to the
10 degree draft on the tool causing downward pressure on the material
you are trying to clear, results in packing what should be nice
detailed machined areas back with material.

Best Regards.
Neil George