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High school metals exhibition

I am a teacher at a fine arts magnet high school in Greenville, SC,
and am planning a National Juried Metals Exhibition for High School
Students this Spring. I would like to invite as many students to
participate as possible and am looking for good student metal work
at this level, but I don’t know of that many programs across the
country who incorporate metals at the high school level.

If you know of any programs, either high schools or work done by
high school students in programs like continuing education at
colleges or guild classes, could you please send me the names and
of the people I should contact?

Thank you so much for your time, I am sure you are busy, and I would
really appreciate any that you could send along.


Katy Bergman Cassell
The Fine Arts Center

Welcome to Orchid, Katy!

There are some youth with the Western SC Gem and Mineral Society,
I’ll check to see if any of them are doing metal work (and of the
quality that I saw in the gallery on the website).

If you ever would want a gemologist/geologist (stone cutting jewelry
artist) to drop in, I would be happy to oblige.

John Atwell Rasmussen
Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry

Hi Kay,

I teach 3 jewelry/metalsmithing classes at a high school here in
Yakima, WA and can connect you with others in this state. When is
your planned due date and when do the items get shipped back?

Katie Hall

Hello Kathy,

If you send me the details of what you are planing and some contact
details I would be happy to do a write up of it as a “news” item on
the site. Maybe that would help you get some exposure.