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High end shows in England and Europe

Hi there,

I am wondering if anyone could recommend high end shows in England
and throughout Europe. I live in Ireland and make very elaborate
pieces and unfortunately most Irish people prefer simple so I’m
looking further a field. I would really appreciate any pointers or
advice you care to share.

"Thanks a million"
xx Tina
Dublin, Ireland

I am wondering if anyone could recommend high end shows in England
and throughout Europe. 

I’ll be looking out for replies to this question with interest as I
too am wanting some good shows to attend.

Sorry I can’t help by supplying an answer.


Hi Tina,

You ask for reccommendations for high end fairs to exhibit your
work, so here are a couple If you plan to show next year. First check
out the Goldsmith’s Fair which is held annually at the prestigious
Goldsmith’s Hall in the centre of London. This years fair was held
over two seperate weeks Sept 22nd to 28th and Sept 30th to Oct 5th.
You can book a stall for single weeks or for both. Check out the
Goldsmiths website and click on events to see a press release on the
fair. I have attended this fair on a number times as a visitor and it
is a beautiful set up.

If you have plenty of funds for a fair, then the best European fair
to show at is held each year in April at Basel in Switzerland. It is
called Baselworld, I have exhibited my work there in past years, but
I shared the cost with others as a booth on your own will be

I hope this helps.

Peace and good health to all you metal workers, in these troubled
times. James Miller FIPG, a goldsmith in the UK who has now almost


I am wondering if anyone could recommend high end shows in England
and throughout Europe. 

I have a trade show to recommend that you may be interested in -
it’s The British Craft Trade Fair, in Harrogate, England, held in
early April. Web site: Buyers come from all over UK
and worldwide, from a wide variety of outlets - department stores,
galleries etc. It is also a great opportunity to network with other
designer makers. You can see samples of the quality of work exhibited
on their website. Good luck!

ps I too am interested to hear of any shows in Europe - especially
France and Spain!

best wishes


Thank you so much for your very helpful reply. I will check out the
show, “sounds good” I will keep my ear to the ground for shows in
France and Spain for you!

Best wishes to you too!
Dublin, Ireland

There is a gallery of comtemporary international jewelery in the
center of Rome. If you go to this site

you will find their location and the schedule of shows for this

Actually I would suggest a visit to this site to all jewelers and
collectors of modern jewelry. This is an excellent gallery with a
wide range of contributing jewelry artists. And their web site is
quite interesting.

Lois Martens