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High End Galleries

I am looking for additional galleries/high end stores to carry my
jewelry. I have my work in a few galleries in New Mexico, but I
would like to gain a broader base of gallery representation around
the country. I work in silver and gold, some combination of the
metals. My work tends to be organic in nature and has some weight to
it. I handfabricate everything and do not use casting techniques.

I would prefer a gallery that would buy outright (obviously), but
would also consider consignment. I have slides and postcards to
send, but would also like to “see” the gallery that I would be
considering. I could see the gallery through a web site or ads or
photos - I may also be willing to visit a gallery, depending on the
location. Any recommendations? thanks Lori

Lori - You might try sending pictures of your work to Taboo Studio in
San Diego. You can see their web site at:
They sell my work and I volunteer my time to keep their web site up to
date. – Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego CA USA