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High Chair

Greetings I’m re-evaluating my craft fair booth. I’ve decided
that for next year, I want one of those really tall director
chairs–so I can see over my cases as I talk to customers.
However, the only source that I’ve found is Dealers Supply in
Florida–I live in the SF Bay Area of Calif. Anyone know of a
store or distributor of these chairs on the West Coast?

Virginia Lyons

Hi Virginia, Go to Office Max and buy a draftsmans chair. They
are much more comfortable than the other kind. Regards, Skip

Try The Elaine Martin Co. They’re not on the West
Coast,(somewhere in Illinois) but they do carry tall directors

Hi Virginia, Pacific Chair Design, 730 Napa Ave. in Morro Bay, CA
93442, (805)772-7575 has a solid oak chair such as the one that
you asked about. I’ve use mine for over 12 years and it is still
going strong. They have a Brochure. It is very nice for long
shows. Good Luck

Virginia, Check out the Target stores in your area. Here in
Texas they had them in several colors and natural wood last
summer. Also, a good selection on seats and backs. I love

Lynn Bell
Sunny, but cold this morning in the High Plains.
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Virginia, Service Merchandise has the regular plain director’s
chairs in a blonde wood if that is what you are looking for. The
first one I got has lasted almost five hard years, the second one
I got there was not made as well, so if you get one there be
sure to check the legs carefully.

Nancy <@Nancy_B_Widmer>

ICQ# 9472643
Bacliff, Texas US on the Gulf Coast just blocks from Galveston Bay

Hi I bought two high directors chairs 10 years ago from a company
called Pacific Chair Design in Morro Bay, CA. I have used and
abused them at many outdoor shows for those 10 years and they
still set up solid and look great! Plus they are even
comfortable. They are a bit spendy at 128.00 each but after
trashing a 25.00 chair each season, it seems like a better
investment. Their phone number is (805) 772-7575

T. Lee Burnham

Hi Virginia, Try Cost Plus, or Pier 1 imports in the Bay area. I
purchased mine there a while ago, but they always carry them.

Do you have a Pier One Imports nearby, they have the chairs. You
can buy different colors of seats to coordinate with your booth.

If I was buying again though I would get the other type of tall
chair…the wooden type that folds from front to back instead of
side to side. The seat is supported from front to back and this
seems to make for more comfortable long term sitting…I don’t
have a brochure to tell you where to get them though…I bet
someone will be able to tell us though.


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