Hi-Heat Propane & Air Torch

Hi-Heat is the registered (old and no longer registered) trademark
for a Gas/Air Jewelry torch.

The model that I acquired is a Model D with two (2) tips. One tip is
#20 Gas and Air. The other is #10 Gas and Air. The handle looks like
it would use rubber hose pressed on the the tapered hose fittings
with rings to hold the hose.

I need some operating instructions perhaps someone has a owners
manual that they would be willing to share in the form of a copy.

In the absence of that, I need to know the best way to hook it up? 1)
What pressure should the Propane be run at?

  1. What pressure should the compressed air run at?

  2. I understand Oxy can be used also and is there a difference in
    the pressure that be used for Oxy vs Air

If you have an electronic copy available, you could send it to rwade
AT ix DOT netcom DOT com

Regards Ron Wade