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Hi all (yak)

wanted to let you know i’m back kinda, surgery wasn’t fun and the bad news
is the lung tumor was not the primary site.

so, it is back to surgery again, but maybe not till late july or august.
i am not amused. at least i am back reading mail and crocheting silver
like crazy…and that is good. did some wire wrap as well, a great piece
of near white jade is now on my right hand, used 18ga round wire to do the
mounting. did i mention the hoop earrings and iolite beaded crochet
bracelet? looks like a tennis bracelet, but there are three rows of 3mm
iolite beads, used 90 in all…looks great on my wrist, jon did ask if i
was making anything for sale…hehehee i can get away with murder now!
i will try to not abuse the power… pat