He's Toast!

I’m at a store visit, 4th time for this store. It’s a beautiful
store, large volume. They’ve hired one person to just keep up with
Inventory. Case counts and they scan tags with Shopkeeper, which
tells them what’s missing from the case.

Something I noticed they did when they remodeled recently. Take note
if you’re BUILDING, remodeling or going to re-carpet and you’re

“I just HATE having to take the showcase apart to re-carpet.”

They didn’t lay the showcases on the carpet. They laid 1 ft sq
pretty tiles around the showcase and carpeted UP to the tile. If they
need to re-carpet they carpet up to the tiles and don’t have to
remove cases. You can do this NOW if you’re going to re-carpet. Leave
the cases where they are and rip carpet from the case, lay tile and
THEN carpet. This place thinks of everything.

They are the ones that the whole panel comes out with ring trays on
them from the case and they lay this on a cart and the cart goes into
a vault. No handling all of those displays, just flats.

On another note, I’m sitting this morning with the inventory person
and I hear one of the sales people just say to herself “He, he, these
guys are SOOOOO Toast!”

So I asked her what she was doing. The sales staff ACTIVELY asks for
the ladies to add their favorites to their wish list. The sales
staff, many times just from chatting with the customer, will get her
birthday, anniversary, husbands name, pieces she likes, etc.

Then they hand write a note to the hubby telling him his wife has
picked out an item and the birthday is in 3 weeks.

They are so toast. :slight_smile:

I asked what percentage comes in and buy and she said “Everyone of


"Well not all come in right away. Some men have their own timetable
but I’d say 75% of the notes I write, the guys come in within 6-9
months and buy what the wife loved, or something close.

Now that’s a great Return on Investment.

David Geller

Well, Dave, I will say from experience that I had a lot more damage
to my inventory when a major Beverly Hills store I sold through
redecorated, replacing carpet with marble. Not only did customers
have a tendency to fumble, but I couldn’t even count on the
discretion of the employees. I watched in shock, one day, as the
office clerical, shmoozing with a sales associate, absent-mindedly
slid her arm across my counter where she had been leaning, sweeping a
fragile, one-of-a-kind tourmaline necklace right onto the floor - one
of those slow-motion, can’t stop it - can’t look away from it -
moments. I would dream out loud of the opposite design: a carpeted,
1-ft. -wide border skirting the cases as a safety cushion (and more
comfortable for customers’ tired feet.) The interior space was
carpeted, presumably for that reason. So is my studio (you think I’m
any less of a klutz?? :o} )