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Herringbone chains, affordable jewellery


I think the main problem is that most people don’t have the money to
pay for the jewelry most high end artists make…And if they can find
a ring for 200.00 and they can afford it, they will purchase it over
another piece that is 1/4 the size, and looks like a chip of nothing.

m, while i agree with Scott Isaac’s appraisal, and the appraisal of
so many jewellers of herringbone chains, and similarly constructed
chains, you do raise a good point. our have/have-not society aims for
"more is better", so in some respects, high prices for some items is
not surprising–the target market is people looking to spend their
money on something. on the other hand, perhaps an across the board
call can be made to mass-production companies to mass-produce, if they
are going to mass-produce something, higher quality yet affordable
items for the market that does not wish to spend more than a hundred
or three on a one-of-a-kind custom piece of art. my experience is
limited, true, but i have seen some pretty ugly baubly chunks of
plastic that people have spent way too much on–thinking the whole
time they got a good deal. in other threads, there is much talk on
how to price a piece of jewellery: what the buying public might need
is a dose of discussions like these so that there may be better
understanding why prices are the way they are, and how they might be
able to afford a quality heirloom. well, i’d better sign off before i
confuse myself with more run-on type sentences… respectfully, erhard.