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Hi Susan, thankyou for your response, but what’s a hemostat? I love
this forum - there is always something new to learn. Looking forward
to hearing from you, Rex in Oz

Hi Rex…Hemostats are those scissor looking things that lock when
you close them…Surgeons use them to hold the tissue open or to
close of veins when they are operating on you…they can be found
in Micro Mark…Small Parts…Electronics stores, they should cost
something like 3 or 4 dollars…Once you have used them you can’t
do without them…It just never ceases to amaze me how many tools
that I use that were really designed for other purposes…They hold
up really well under the torch, I’m still on my first pairs after 12
years of using them…Susan Chastain, Enchanted Forest, Florida

Hi Rex,

Look at for a picture.
(found with simple internet search)

Hemostats are one of the most versital tools around. I use them many
different ways for jewelry, fishing, auto mechanics, general
household maintanence.

What are they called in Oz?


rex - one of the first things i do with most new hemostats is file
down the gripper ridges inside the jaws - this helps to prevent scars
on the grippees (material being gripped) - i wrap a bezel strip
around the stone, overlap the ends snugly, hold in place until i can
nip the top edges with a pair of hemos - this holds the bezel while
you grab another pair & lock them perpendicular to the overlapped
ends. the hemostat acts like a ‘fence’ guide for the jewelers’ saw to
cut a perfect seam everytime. once you get to know them they are
indispensable to get a grip on your stuff - i have to be sort of
careful where i live because this county is so uptight that it’s
illegal to get a grip on yourself. ive