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[HelpSeeking[ Stone setters and Jewelry Creators


Two Different Needs/Wants

  1. We have been selling gemstones on the Internet for about 3
    years now. While we can sell gemstones loose, we find a need to
    make available stones set into standard calibrated mountings
    (such as Tripp’s) and some custom for odd shapes and sizes. With
    my heavy hands, I find that I often cannot do a good job.

I am looking for someone who is willing to give me a per piece
price for mounting gemstones at their facility/home. This would
be a low volume (but I think growing) task. There also is a need
for some custom work especially for odd shapes or sizes. Either I
can supply mountings along with the stones or you can supply your
own mountings for my stones.

  1. We also are looking for one or more persons who would like
    to have their custom and/or original jewelry displayed at no
    charge. You would name the price wanted, and the jewelry photos
    would be posted at that price plus a mark-up. This service is
    free to the jeweler, and he or she gets the price they want.

While I would want to see a few pieces at first, I would not
have to keep anything in house, and you may still sell the piece
elsewhere unless I sell it first. Photos may be submitted in
either digital or film/negative form. I can take photos if
desired. If I took the photos, I would like you to hold the piece
for two weeks before you sold it to take care of my labor costs.
Items would be posted until either you or I sell them or you
asked them to be removed.

Please make any replies to this message DIRECT TO MY EMAIL
ADDRESS that is posted below. This is something that might profit
both of us at little or not cost to either of us.

Thank you.

Tom Roginski, Ph.D.