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Help with Karet rolling mill

Dear Suzanne, my new karet rolling mill just arrived
(model-RM4525). No directions. I did print out the directions you
were kind enough to post on the Orchid site for Lee, but find I need
additional help. This is my first rolling mill with rolls for
wires, and I am puzzled as how they should be placed. I got 2
smallish rollers which i assume are for the square wire. They are not
identical as the spacings between the ridges are different.
Question number one:---- when inserting these, does it matter which
goes on top, and which on the bottom? Question number two, does the
longer end go to the right or left when inserting them? (This
question may resolve itself when I dismantle the mill and I can see
how the flat ones go) Question number 3. The long roller, I assume
is the half round—much longer in length than the other two. Is
this assembled above or below one of the flat rolls?

You have no idea how much I appreciated the help you posted. on
Orchid, and I printed it out for reference, and will be following
your instructions. Thanks for being so generous with your time and
knowledge- Alma

Dear Alma,

Question #1, Are you sure these are square wire rollers? They should
line up if they are.

Question #2, There should be a small horseshoe shaped wedge in the
end of one of the rollers when you take it out, and that will
determine which end goes where. You will see when you take it apart.
Let me reiterate that you MUST draw or write down everything you do
when you take it apart for the first time!!!

Question #3, The half round roller goes on the top, so you can see
how much pressure you are getting.

Hope this helps! You can also reach Kenneth at: www.