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Help with books needed!

Hello all!
My name is Robert. I’m willing to get my hands on the book from Brepohl’s “The Theory and Practice of Goldsmithing”. I know it’s available in Amazon, however I’m from Argentina and that’s not a chance for me… at least for now.
I was willing to know if any of you know where I can buy a digital copy or at least if it exist so I can buy it and load it in my kindle and give it a try. I’ve been told it’s a great book and I want to read a bit more about silversmithing.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

BTW. I’m a self tought jewel-maker, working with my wife who’s the actual silversmith so any other suggestions about related e-books to buy or get (any subject as we do a lot of things and processes in our workshop) would be appreciated as well.

Thanks for your time!! hapy holidays :slight_smile:

uppi untracht is also a option
but brephol is called the goldsmith bible by the german speaking goldsmiths
this is very old but kind of good …ups i cant send you a file
mail me on for a book from 1920
gr Kif


ok just mail me im not good at the it stuff :slight_smile:

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Hello Robert, Brephol’s book is only published in a print edition by Brynmorgen Press and available directly from the publisher as well as from Rio. Silversmithing book: Creative Metal Forming (also from Brynmorgen). Jewelry Making: Complete Metalsmith (this is the dvd URL)
Professional Jewelry Making;

Hope this helps,

I suggest Tim McCreight’s books.

Don Meixner

The Complete Metalsmith, Professional Edition

By Tim McCreight

Widely recognized as one of the most frequently referred to texts in the field, this third edition of McCreight’s classic work sets the standard. Chapters deal with what is happening at the bench–joining, forming, coloring, etc. Through more than 1600 drawings and scores commonsense tips, this book is a accessible as it is comprehensive.

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Hey! thank you very very much! just sent you an email.
I appreciate it!
Happy holidays!

Hello Don!
Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll try to find a copy or an ebook. Sounds very interesting.
Thank you very much.
Happy holidays!

Hello Linda!
Thanks for the suggestions. I didn’t even know there were books in dvd format. It also states that it’s now available for download after purchasing it. Awesome.
Regarding the other book I saw it wandering around ebay. I didn’t know if it was worth it. I’ll now give it a try based on your suggestion. You can always learn one trick or another by reading different books so that’s perfect.

Thank you very much for taking the time to look them for me.
Happy holidays!

you are welcome.