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[Help]Wedding ring set design

I need some help with sources I want to make a wedding band -
engagement ring set with diamond(s). I have looked at the various wax
patterns available and they are all “bland” to say the least. Nothing
that stands out, just basic round. Are there any sources for more
intriging or unusual designs? Where can I find good wax model, or for
that matter, where can I find pictures of really well deisigned sets?
I might be able to make my own wax pattern. Which of you does design
work such as this and what charges would I be looking at? Any help
appreciated. Joe

Hi Joe, check out offering design
services, master models and wax patterns to your specifications.

Ed Dawson.

Hi Joe - Try looking on-line for various designers. DVVS and the Clay
Pot, stores in NYC, sell designer jewelry, especially wedding sets.
The websites are and Once you find
something, a good wax modeller should be able to help you out. I know
a few people in NYC who could help with this as well. Feel free to
contact me off-line at or call me at (212)
780-0085. Hope this helps!

Julie Goldberg Maniha

There is a craftsman in Dallas, that has a designer that works with
him. I have used them on several different occasions, and have been
real happy with the designs that they have come up with. They take
your ideas and make them come to life. His cost are very reasonable
for the product that they turn out, and I have had a lot of
compliments on all of my finished products.

You can contact them either by e-mail or by phone for any other
questions. I know that he does work for many companies around the
US, so location shouldn’t be a problem. His e-mail address is or you can call them at 972-661-2044. I know
that he does platinum castings as well as gold and silver.