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Help! Teach 13 Year olds? - Nova Scotia YAK

(snip) Both classes , I thought, were
very successful and we did a wide range of projects from  copper~
silver wire earrings , piercing & sawing sheet, casting , stone

Thanks for that, Darryl. Our neighbours right next door are
planning a driving trip round the Rockies in June. Two couples in a
winnebago. What reminded me about thiat from your posting, Darryl,
was their accents. New Zealanders in USA often get a kind on
non-plussed response when USA-ians hear our accent (hard to place:
not British, not Austrilian, what IS it)… and to make it worse,
one of the blokes in this particular touring party ihas a quite
broad (well I think so) Scottish accent. Aye canna tale wi ‘es
siyin’, ere cinn aye?

I ventured the opinion to this chappie that the Yanks are going to
have a field day with his accent, and he says he says tay may,
(I’ll translate)

‘I’m going to tell them I’m from Nova Scotia!’

I hope it works, as I had to ask him several times to repeat it,
to finally get what he said!

Mebbe the Nova Scotians have a trace of the Scots? Brian

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