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[Help] Stone Identification


That portions of my brain that id’s stones is gone!!!..Please id the
stone; Usually cut in cabs… light green with splotches of pink…
often small white veins running in it… Starts with an ‘M’ . . . .
can’t recall the name…

Much thanks,
Jim Chambers


I suspect that this stone is Unakite.

Jan MacLellan
Mountain Gems Ltd.


Jim, this sounds more like Unikite. Steve


Hi Jim, Could it be unakite? Matches your description pretty well.
Marcia Ingham


Only thing with splotches of green and pink that occurs to me is



Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)


Goodmorning Jim, My detector says its Nevada Opal. (sounds rather
trekkie doesn’t it) Susan


How about that stuff that grows with jade in Wyoming? Some call it
Pink Jade, but that is wrong. It is pink and green, and is from the
ziolite family, the name just escapes me…I have it on the tip of my



Unakite pops into mind, but could also be morrisonite from Oregon,
or mozarkite ( Missouri’s state rock). Are the pink spots well defined
or are they blended into the green background (marble, verde antique)? Will E.


Where does it come from? Hardness?

Monocline or amazonite is light (blue) green but I haven’t seen it
with pink.

It might be Lapis Nevada, a trade name for thulite (zoisite). What I
have seen of it is pale green with pink splotches and a bit of white.

Pam Chott


Laura, “Thulite” is the common name for the massive pink variety of
Zoisite. :slight_smile: Peter