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Help on Polising


Hi All

What techniques and machinery are best for cleaning and polishing

I was at the NEC show in Birmingham and people were trying so sell
me an electromagnetic polishing machine. A magnet revolves which in
turn causes steel needles and shot to spin within a container of
soap solution. Cost? �1400 sterling.

Can anyone come up with a cheaper solution.


   Can anyone come up with a cheaper solution. 

We have been working on magnetic polishers for awhile and can
build one for about $300US. You need special magnets and a curcuit
to cause a motor to turn one direction for awhile and then turn
the other awhile in addition to being an operation timer. One of
these is being assembled and tested at this time. They seem to
polish best at a speed of about 800 rpms or so, I’m told. After
this curcuit was designed, I found out that there is a curcuit in
the Sharp’s Carousel Microwaves that does the same thing. Maybe
some can be had that are burned out or whatever where this curcuit
is intact. It would knock another $100 off of the price. Maybe
someone has a friend with neodymium-iron-boron magnets? This is
another big part of the expense. E-mail me off list if you’re
interested in details. Regards-RL




Andrew, I take it from your mail that you are in the UK somewhere.
If so, H&S Walsh supply a barrel polishing machine which gives a
very similar effect AND can be used with ceramic and plastic media.
If you need any further details, I would be pleased to help either
through Orchid or privately.

Dauvit Alexander,
Glasgow, Scotland.