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[Help needed] Tumbling research

hello! I am a young jeweler with the experiences of more or less 12
pieces of jewelry made in sterling silver! I love to make jewelry and
am amazed by the creativity that takes place while working so
minutiously on a piece! I am buying the tools to build up my studio
but focusing at the same time on my goal which is travelling with my
back-pack through central and south-america, so the less weight
possible is the best!!! So I just dreamed last night about tumblers
and i realised that i don’t know anything about them, i used a barrel
tumbler that turns aturns but never really checked it out well! The
perfect thing would probably to find a second hand on ( for $$$
reason) but i have no idea to where i could find on! What is a good
price for a small tumbler! I am in BC canada!.. If anybody has
pointers of any tool that would be the best deal for me to by, I
would immensly appreciate it! Have a good day !!! :slight_smile: Marie-Chantal