Help me brainstorm

Hi, I’m trying to do a conceptual piece (pair of earrings
probably) based on the satori concept in Zen Buddhism…that one
can be shocked, stunned or suprised into enlightenment. So, what
I am trying to figure out is how I can make or use a device that
will periodically/somewhat randomly make a load noise, erratic
motion or somehow shock or stun its wearer. I’m trying to keep
the mechanism simple and of course small…the best idea that I
have had so far is to use one of those metal discs that "pops"
when it reaches a certain temperature…however if possible i
would like to use something that does not need to be “reset” by
the wearer every time that it goes off…so…any takers?


It will need some source of power- a rotating weight, a battery
and some circuitry,some way to store and release energy in one
form or another.

Richard D. Hamilton

Fabricated 14k, 18k, and platinum Jewelry
wax carving, modelmaking, jewelry photography


I could think of an electronic controller that runs a program
using a random number generator. When it reaches a random number,
it wouild sound a chime. It then would count until it reached
another random number, etc. If each piece was started with a
different seed number, each piece would generate a different
series of “random” numbers.

Such a device could be small enough to be in a pin or pendent,
but I do not know how to make it small enough for a set of
earrings. An interesting idea.


try laminating two different types of metat together, like in a
theromastat, the difference in the expansion rate should cause
it to bend as it heats and return to normal when cooled. i don’t
know if this will work in jewlery design but it works well in the
thermostat on my wall. jerry

Mexican Jumping beans instead of pearls. Jim

   I am trying to figure out is how I can make or use a device
that will periodically/somewhat randomly make a load noise,
erratic motion or somehow shock or stun its wearer. 

How about a lens hanging on a loop that would randomly focus
sunlight on the skin that stings the wearer when they are

A liquid crystal mood earring that spells out the words “Hit me
here” when the wearer’s body temperature drops.

Earrings with sizing beads that snag on clothing. Earrings with
sizing balls that snag on clothing.

Earrings that look like African killer bee queens.

Seriously, for reliability this is probably a situation for some
type of microelectronic device.

Mike McKim

Hi from BrianS

Have you looked at the Vibration mechanism that is inside
cellular phones and pagers. It’s probably some sort of offset c
am that spins when given an electrical charge. But why not just
give an electrical charge dirrect to the wearer. You know Cattle
prod jewellery. Might even be good for self defence jewellery.
As jewellery is often a target for theft and muggings. Make the
jewellery the deffender. BFN

Try looking over the escapement mechanism used in old
timepieces. I could envision some kind of pendulum tightening a
spring another notch each time there’s enough motion in the
right direction. After enough tightening, the spring could be
released to ratchet back.

Maybe take a look at the mechanisms in little toy cars that you
move back and forth to charge a spring for ideas.

This sounds like a lot more work than I’d want to do. I hope you
share your final outcome with us all.


You might try Nitinol wire; Reactive Metals (520-634-3434),, has a book/kit with several sample wires
and good instructions on using it. It could be used in
conjunction with discs to snap or bang intermittently. Metalsmth