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Help... Longtime caster just made a newbie investment mistake

Hello and thanks to anyone who can give me some advice… I’ve been casting now for over a decade but today I found myself in a pickle. I use Kerr, Diamante Satin Cast for all of my investment casting and have been using it for years. After spending many days on a finely detailed wax pattern, I went about the process of preparing my flask. But today I was distracted and must have used water that was too warm which cause it to set up too quickly. Realizing this when I was vacuuming the flask and fearing that the investment was too thick to fill the detail, I immediately pulled the wax pattern and rinsed it off with cold water. This lapse of judgement caused me to deviate from my normal train of thought and to go down a path that created this dilemma. In this cloud of uncertainty, I made the decision to simply leave the investment in the detail of the pattern rather than to try to clean it out and compromise some detail. I made a new batch of investment and re-flasked. So, now I have a pattern that took many days to create and my thought is that the first batch of investment which is mainly filling the detail of the pattern will simply flake away from the second batch during burn-out. Is there a professional out there who knows more about the chemical bond of gypsum investment than I do and if so could tell me if I’d be better off trying to get my pattern released from this “rock” or just cast it as is and keep my fingers crossed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Soak it in hydrochloric acid.