Help for wedding ring in L.A

Met a flight attendant from Los Angeles who needs a local jeweler who
can make a matching wedding ring for her new engagement ring. It is
platinuum with a pear shape on each side and a Princess cut in the
center. Thanks… Robert Wooding

Walter Zimmer Co. Phone # 213 - 622 - 4510

Wholesale – Jewelry Design and Manufacturing

Address 510 West 6th Street Suite 1210 Los Angeles.

Call and ask them… I have been doing business with them for many
years. They are honest good people, family run, who treat you fair in
every way, including PRICE !

Good Luck


Hi Robert,

Bart Shonholtz of Barton Shonholtz Jewelers works with a very fine
bench jeweler in the downtown LA jewelry district who can make
anything, based on what I’ve seen. Bart’s shop is in the Cedars-Sinai
Medical Towers near the Beverly Center in the middle of LA. His phone
number is (310) 652-5243 and, if she decides to contact him, tell her
to use my name.

Beth Rosengard