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Help for troubled jewelers

I don’t know if this is the place to do this, but is there any
organizations that help desperate jewelers? A freind of mine (who
is featured on page 63 of this month’s lapidary Journal) has
financial troubles and a daughter ill with aplastic anemia. She is
financially broke and broken hearted in a way I hope none of us
have to experience. I am sure anything from prayers to small
donations would help. Please email me with any good ideas, and say
a prayer for her daughter. Sue Knopp at

Sue, It was a shock to see this post. (I have been gone for 2
weeks and just now read my email) No news is not always good news.
I had not heard from this talented artist for a while and just
assumed all was well and after seeing her article in LJ, I was
convinced that she and her daughter were doing better.

This jeweler/instructor was my mentor and my first metal
art/jewelry instructor. When she moved out of the area (due to
health reasons concerning her daughter) she was sadly missed by
many of her students, myself included. She gave alot to her
students and was an excellent teacher. She left a void at Monterey
Peninsula College that has never been filled.

I hope some of the members on this forum will be willing to help
Aleris and her daughter if they are able to. Many thanks to
Charles for his idea of the auction. Either a donation , a winning
bid or both would be greatly appreciated I’m sure. For those who are
unable to donate, a prayer or two will help also.

Sue, please say hello to Aleris for me and tell her our prayers
are with her. I’m off to sign up on GemNet, see you there.

CharDen Designs
Monterey Bay - California - USA