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Help : engravers

Hi all

A while ago some one posted or shared the web site for a person who
does engraving. It was mostly on gun stocks but was “beautiful.” If
you know of this person, I think they where in the Carolina’s of the
United States. Please send web address as I need them or their
guidance. Thank you all in Orchid. This is the best forum for the
jewelry artist I know of and it would not be so with out our sponsor
Dr E. Aspler. Thanks

Please response if you have info to Thanks and
let keep sharing.

Barb McLaughlin

Hi Barbara,

I remember the thread and someone recommended Sam Alfono. Sam’s work
is truly incredible, he does gun engraving along with many other
styles. Pictures of his work can be viewed at . Sam is also an engraving instructor so if
you need of some guidance I am sure that he could help.


Blaine Lewis

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