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Help deciding what machine to use as my Buff and shine. Jooltool or lapidary

I’m trying to figure out of ill be wasting money if I buy jooltool while already having the 6" cabking?? Any advice about your polishing methods. Jooltool videos make it all look so easy and fast and just what a mommy needs with 2 boys running around!?

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Hi Ashlie, and welcome to these very helpful forums. About the JoolTool, all I can say is “WOW”…the JoolTool has far exceeded my expectations. If you’ve watched the JoolTool videos, I will attest that everything REALLY is that easy. The shines, too, that the JoolTool does, compares to NOTHING!! It far outshines (pun intended) any other polishing machine. It also saves me when I’ve gotten double images when stamping in that it uses “scratch erasers” that blend any imperfections in my pieces. Contact Anie Jolie (on FB or IG), or use the Contact on their website and you will get any (honest) questions answered. Let me know if you have any questions. I love the help I get using my JoolTool.

Thank you so for your reply, I did end up purchasing the jewel tool sharpening and polishing kit off of micro mark tools, (that was the cheapest I could find, I just really hope it isn’t a fake! ) I first bought the new nova rez wheels for cabking Thinking I should invest in the tools that I already have, but after I made the purchase i still found myself thinking about the jeweltool and all of the awesome possiblitys! I figure if anything sales quick, jewellery tools sell pretty fast on Facebook or laboratory equipment. With 2 kids and one really big one I need to work efficiently and efficiently!

Do you have all there accessories or just a certain few you like?