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Hello All, I'm a a Newbie so I need some advice

I just signed up here and I have heard nothing but great things of the jewelry community. I want to start making custom charms and especially gold teeth - I want to know of some jewelry tools that would be suggested for my development as I have access to: Tack II spot welder, Jelenko Thermotrol Centrifugal Casting Machine, Kerr Automatic Electro-melt Furnace, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine & a RayTech Tumble Twin Rock Tumbler as well as a Jelenko LFC Burnout Furnace… any help is greatly appreciated as I’m trying to follow a dream.

If you’re anything like me, buy every single tool that ever makes you go “oooh I like that!” :grin:

Really though, you don’t need a whole lot to get starting making stuff. A good saw frame, some files, maybe a flex shaft for polishing.

Andrew Berry has quite a few videos on essential tools. I’d check out his channel first, and see what he uses to make similar stuff to what you want. Making gold teeth is a bit of a niche product, so you may have to figure that out by trial and error, unless you can find someone else who makes gold teeth and see what they use.

Here’s a link to one of Andrew’s videos: