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Height of bezel

I have not tried a wooden punch. I doubt that it will move much metal, but give a try and share what you find. A lot of what we do is experimenting. Right now I am experimenting (trying to remember) with how I made a pair of earrings a long time ago and it isn’t going well.

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@rmeixner yes I will try it some time and report back.

Good luck with your “experiment” :grin:

Took three tries, but I figured it out. Wrote it down this time. Thanks…Rob


@rmeixner good thinking! I store all my notes\tips on a Google keep app so I’ll never lose them or forget :woozy_face: :sweat_smile:

Mine are in composition notebooks. I have kept them that way for 50 years. Unfortunately, I have never indexed them, so it is hard to find what I know is hiding there. I also helped design, build and manage academic data networks for 20 years. My plan, some day, is to digitize my notes and make them searchable.


@rmeixner I must say I do still refer to my notebook I started in my first job back in 2004 (CAD drafting)…nothing beats a nice neat set of handwritten notes in a nice book. The searchability as you say and the fact you can save photos as well to digital notes is extremely handy now. I hope you find the time to digitize yours one day, not a bad idea for me too.

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I don’t see any mention of the bezel material (and I searched this post), so I assume sterling. Why not use fine silver? And make it a slightly thicker gauge. Much more malleable metal for difficult or delicate settings.

Setting tools. I use industrial plastic setting tools like delryn or what’s that black rod called UMPWE or similar.

It’s fine silver. It finally worked fine (if I may say)!