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Heavy guage chain

I wind my coils about 3 inches long & cut them with the Koil
Kutter so both ends are square & the gap is very small. 

Dave: Please educate me as to what the “Koil Kutter” is. I found
that I am very adept at making chain, but getting the links formed
faster would sure increase my production.

Also, someone mentioned a jump-ring former from that I
would like to know more about. I e-mailed for info and all they
told me is that the 14-mandrile set is $20 and the ‘cutter’ is $20.
There is no description as to what exactly it was. If anyone as info
to this, I would also appreciate more clarification. Thanks!

Heidi P in AZDr. E. Hanuman Aspler
		[ G a n o k s i n . C o m ]

most of the coil cutters are made to do 3 inches at a time. my
preference is to use the flex shaft and a rod the size that i want
to make coils 1 foot long. then with the saw and an 8/0 or 6/0 blade
cut through them.once you get the hang of it it only takes 10-20 min
to cut a coil. if you would like a longer description then ask me.


as for heavy gauge chains i suggest the soft jaw parallel pliers
that look like hole punches for paper.