Heavy-duty Jeweler's Benches

G’day; may I draw your attention to the type of jewellery bench a
lot of European jewellers have used for centuries? The front of the
bench has a semi circular cut out, about 20 inches in diameter. Under
this is hung a piece of thin flexible leather. One can sit right up
to the leather when working, and filings, sawdust, and any bits that
go sproinnnggg out of your forceps collect in the curve of the
leather. Fish out the hot bits quickly, and they won’t burn holes in
the leather. Tap the centre with a pencil, (after you have fished out
the pile of tools which it also collects) and the bits all bunch
together. Tip the lot into a little double bottomed box. (Kodak slide
box; lid underneath) The first bottom will be of gauze, so all the
filings fall through, separating the bits and the dust to be recycled
later. I made mine myself (gee; you guessed?) and think it superior
to the benches with tray one sees in books. That’ll cost you 2c

			John Burgess

Read your post with great interest, being the first to admit to not
having any creative skills, would you by chance have plans kicking
around for your bench as i’d be interested in possibly constructing
one? Thx, Rod

Rod - When building our workshop/store a few years ago I sat down with
an architect and designed a practical German styled jewelre bench.
With cuttaway workstation, leather pouches, multiple drawers including
a retractable soldering station. The benches, and a casting table,
were the ONLY thhings i salvaged from the stores closure. Still have
the blue-prints if you want to see them. Send me your address. Kim Eric
Lilot e-mail:@St_Eligius_Co2