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Heating Sparex

Eric, welcome! What about using some of those heating trays that they
have at cafeterias, with the sterno can underneath, to keep the slop
warm? Maybe you could rig up your own with a couple of bricks, a
baking tray, and a large can of sterno fuel? “Sterno” is a solid
flammable fuel often used for camping stoves and such, it is available
at most camping stores, or even hardware stores.

-Drew Horn

Old crock pots available in second hand stores make wonderful pickle
pots for sparex.

For small items, I use a small electric potpourri that sells for less
that $5 I use a similar pot for heating dop wax. They work great
except it takes them a little while to get up to temperature.

For years I have used a coffee cup warmer the type the cup sits on.$7
at Walgreen’s, with a Pyrex measuring cup.It is easier to change my
pickle which I do often to keep contaminants out of spots Iam
soldering.Keeps the pickle at a good temp is not as messy as Crocks.I
used crocks of various sizes through the years and have found the set
up I use now to be the best for me. Best J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio

Old crock pots available in second hand stores make wonderful pickle
pots for sparex.

The crock pots work very well. However, the used ones can sometimes
contain a surprise. A few years ago, I needed a large pickle pot for
some bracelets I was working on. There was a Good Will store across
the street so I went over and found a large pot. I bring it back to
the stone and fill it with my Sparex and water and turn it on.
Within a few minutes, the smell of beans cooking was wafting through
the store. I at first thought it was from the bakery next door as I
quite often got the smells of what they were baking. Not so. The
pot had apparently been used a lot to cook beans and the odder was
impregnated in the ceramic. It didn’t dissipate and after the
project was finished, I retired the pot to the dumpster after
smashing it with a hammer so some dumpster diver wouldn’t try to use
it for beans again.